no lo creo (I don’t believe it)

Day 2 Monday 6th Jan 2014

You couldn’t make this up.  After ‘dining’ and then working for a while, I sleep fitfully for 4 hours or so until the early hours.  I awake and look at the in-flight map on the screen in front of me.  The plane appears to be heading back to Houston with an estimated landing time of 7.20 am.  Houston?  In two hours?  No, no-o, no-ooOO … I ask the crew what’s happening:  “We’re not happy about it either, but the pilot has reported a radar malfunction and can’t fly over the Andes with its potentially lethal thunderstorms, so has decided to turn back.”  So back to Houston it is, which is now gripped in freezing cold.  I have views of the Gulf of Mexico coastline, petrochemical works, freeways and the Houston skyline as we come in to land, none of which do anything to lift my spirits.  Standing in line for an hour plus to get boarding pass for a new flight at 6 pm does little to lift them either.  Has anyone got ideas for how to wile away a day at Houston airport?


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