Day 16 Mon 20th Jan 2014

After Patagonia and Buenos Aires, the rest of my journey passes without much incident.  Remarkably, my plane into Houston was on time, customs was a breeze, I get my hash and eggs, and I got put on standby for an earlier flight north to Cleveland.  I made this flight and was seated at the back of the plane next to a young mother nursing a child.  “How old is he?”, I asked.  “Eight months”, she replied.  Realising that my son’s eight month anniversary was just a few days away, I asked on what date her son was born.  She probably thought I was a bit weird.  But she willingly volunteers the information: “16th May”.  Phew.  Had she said “25th May” that would have been just TOO weird.  But 25th May is the date of her stepmother’s birthday.

The flight arrived twenty minutes early into Cleveland airport.  Light snow was falling.  I was back to my temporary home of North America.  And even my luggage was there waiting for me.


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