Is the rocky shore nearing?

Day 15 Sun 19th Jan 2014 (continued)

I do fear my wave of luck is starting to rear into a more ugly, unstable form as it begins to feel the drag of an underlying rocky sea floor.  I wasn’t going to type anything else about my last day in Argentina, but after nearly getting knocked down on the crosswalk, I had the misfortune to have another insane airport taxi ride.  I don’t wish to make out that I’m a hero.  But let me just say that by watching the freeway for the driver so that he could focus more on filing his paperwork and accelerating, I did narrowly avert a high-speed multiple car pile up.  To be fair, had I remembered to shout “¡Tenga cuidad!” before the rather less pithy “Care-ful, care-FUL, CARE-FUL!”, he might have braked a little sooner behind the line of near-stationary vehicles.  Why near-stationary traffic on a freeway?  Just your average everyday Argentinian protest …. about twenty people with tree branches, colourful banners and drums had managed to block at least two lanes out of three.  But disaster had been averted – just.  Perhaps the rocky shore is still a little way off.

Once at the airport, it’s a bit smoother.  After the usual procedures, we lift off – on time! – and I bid farewell to Argentina.  Unless there are any unforeseen dramas, I need start to prepare myself for re-entry to cold North America.  Perhaps a longed-for breakfast of hash and eggs and the reunion with my family will help ease the pain.


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